Within The United States of America there exists a visceral fear of truth.
In this age it is far easier to hide from the truth than to pursue it. The most dangerous lies have been crafted after nearly seven thousand years of trial and error. Lies have evolved beyond lies. They are lies within lies within lies within lies. When the truth finally reveals itself it appears as yet another lie before fading right back into the maelstrom of uncertainty. This process goes on and on infinitely until you either reach madness or surrender slavery. We are here to let there be light. As a skeptic you should question our motives and wonder if we are here to help or hinder. That is what we want from you. Over time though you will see our intentions are true and that we want to spread the truth of the history of this planet Earth. The journey will be long, painful, and tumultuous. Some of you will surely deny what is revealed here but those of you who take this journey will be proud to carry the burden of the truth. You will be as proud as I am and when it is over we can finally, and truly, break free from control. The control system that began in Babylon. The control system that has been refined over and over again until it was finally perfected. Which is where we find ourselves today...

Welcome to The United States of Babylonia.

The Father Of The Spiritual Age.

The Father Of The Spiritual Age.

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